Meeting 2017-09-05


  • Event Coodinator
  • Conversation on Place

List of Tasks:

  • Creating list of Classes
  • Coordinating the schedule
  • Updating the Calendar
  • Finding new classes

Board Meeting – 2017-09-05

Meeting Started @ 6:22

Update on Sun Center

  • Encourage people on the list to sniff around for possible locations.
  • Get Lease, check lease, confirm if its 90 days or 30 day notice.
  • Talk with people from the City. Adrian Hayes-Santos, Charles Z, Harvey Ward.
  • Get List of Companies (showing employment creation) and Events
  • Announce to membership that we are looking for space.


  • Some other section about

New Candidate Document

  • Add section for which member vouches for whom.

Gainesville Hackerspace was accepted for the Orlando Maker Faire!

Eddie wants to start the strategy meetings again.

  • Talk about how to handle fundraising and the toolbox.

Action Items:

  • Daniel to get the Lease
  • Daniel and Eddie to talk with people from the City
  • Daniel to write draft of email announcing the situation, and Chris will polish.
  • Chris to start planning committee for the Orlando Maker Faire
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