Apply to Join Today

Our network is important. We vote new members in. It’s not a hard process!

Step 1:

Please come to our “Open House” on any Tuesday from 7 PM to 10 PM. Get to know some of our members and share your interesting projects. The members vote on new member applications every Tuesday, so be sure to introduce yourself.

Step 2:

Read our Bylaws and Policy Documents. They explain how we, as an organization, are run.

Step 3:

Fill out an application. The Secretary will follow up with an email to let you know you are on the ballot.

Step 4:

Members will vote on the application the upcoming Tuesday meeting. Its helpful to attend that meeting so member can get to know you, but not required.

Step 5:

If your application is accepted by the members, congratulations! Next we require your first and last month dues; Students pay $25 a month, so a total of $50, regular members pay $35 a month, so a total of $70. You can bring a check, cash or sign up for automatic stripe credit card payment with a board member during the Tuesday night meeting.

Once dues are paid, you’ll get your swipe cards and keys.

Step 6:

DONE! Start making some awesome projects as a member of the Gainesville Hackerspace!

Member Benefits:

  • 24/7 Access to both Gainesville Hackerspace locations:
    • West Shop: Electronics workstations, 3D printers, laser cutter,​ classroom/meeting areas, light machining equipment, and more!
    • Industrial Shop: Our dirtier tools; Mills, lathes, forges, welders, sand blasters, and other shop equipment.
    • See our Locations page for more details
  • Use of all community tools and equipment (subject to training requirements)
  • Free or discounted access to all workshops and events (less material costs)
  • Free Internet access
  • Access to Members Only Forum areas

Membership Dues:

  • Student Member – pays $25 a month
  • Regular Member – pays $35 a month

​To remain a member in good standing, members must:​

  • Abide by the bylaws and membership agreement
  • Pay monthly dues, on time and in full
  • Clean work area before leaving
  • Attend meetings regularly and participate actively
  • Supervise and escort any guests invited into the space
  • Be encouraged to vote at meetings
  • Assist in other lab cleaning / maintenance duties
  • Be excellent to each other