Meeting 2017-08-01

Present: Daniel, Frank, Eddie, Chris

LED Lights

  • Sams club has 4ft led lights for sale, a one day sale on saturday.
  • Send out an email to the members: “We are having a drive to upgrade the lighting at the Downtown Location. One light is $25, and we are going to pick up 12 of them.”

Eddie motions to purchase 15 4Ft Leds lights

  • Motion Passes

Bug Daniel Crisman about the less humidity thingimajigger.


  • Think about access controls for things like

Monthly Budget Expense Report

  • Research what other hackerspaces provide
    • What financials are we required to show as florida law, state law, etc.

Agenda Items

  • Daniel will give report on what other spaces do, and the laws.

Meeting is Ajourned.

Table of Contents