Pay Dues

There are currently three methods of paying:

1. Automatic Payments

Members may set up an automatic payment plan. Simply bring your credit card to the next Tuesday night open house (Downtown) and the Treasurer will add you to the Gainesville Hackerspace stripe payment account.

The Treasurer can be reached at:

2. PayPal Subscribe

Alternatively, you may pay your monthly membership dues securely with PayPal:

3. Cash or Check

You may also pay your membership dues the old fashioned way. Simply place cash or check in the provided envelopes and deposit in the cash box at the Downtown location. Be sure to mark the envelope with your name, the amount enclosed, and the date.

Having trouble paying? Want to get set up on automatic payment? Contact us.

NOTE: If more than 3 consecutive months elapse before dues are paid, your membership status will be marked “Suspended”. This will result in the temporary deactivation of your key card until the balance is paid.