Meeting 2017-01-03

Board Meeting Agenda

At 18:00

  • Financial report
  • Annual Meeting Date/Time (decide before Jan. 31)
  • Web site
  • Ins. form to get a quote

Normal Meeting Agenda

At 19:00

  • Vote on new members
    • Alex

Board Meeting Minutes

  • Eddie, board ins. 2 quotes ~$1400 & ~$2300, both quotes are in dropbox
    • other Options to reduce risk
    • Signs for “Members only” on more dangerous items.
    • Paint on floor (member only on corner with powered tools)
    • Get everyone (even visitors) sign release? Problems with annoying visitors
    • Want warning sign at entrance, WARNING dangerous tools, visit at own risk. Wording?
      • What should this the sign say? Buy Sign from vendor?
  • Joe & Liza are working on new site design
    • Eddie would like officially move the ownership of domains to Gainesville Hackerspace, LLC
  • Annual meeting, March 28, meeting 19:00-21:00, open house 21:00-
  • Liza & Joe “In time for dinner” Floyd would like to add two more board members.
    • Perhaps just make the committee chairs for the “Culture” and “Education”
    • Need to make a description for both committees.
    • Alternate name for committee chair “First Minister of Culture”
  • Key card access, where are we? Eddie built a diff list between current known and what is in lock control, Daniel will update the list.
    • Eddie has (for a while now) the internal battery set up in the controller
  • Train Daniel Smith as assistant Treasurer?
    • vote outstanding, Rout is letting him train on an exported set of data
  • How to deal with future membership & financial data
    • Currently in GnuCash
    • Daniel Smith proposes QuickBooks
      • Joe Floyd says QuickBooks is $50 on (as we are 501c3)
    • Crisman would like feature parity (for member list, scripts, & financial stuff)
    • Smith, Crisman, Rout (and others) will look at options for QuickBooks
  • Motion to pay Frank for paying rent last year
    • Passed by all board members. Rout will pay Frank
  • Rout sent a financial report out to board email.

Normal Meeting Minutes

  • Voting members present:
  • Yes Quorum (8 of 11 (not 12 as one is on hiatus))
  • New members:
    • Aleksander Levant – voted in
    • James O’Donnell – voted in
  • New voting members:
    • None to vote on
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