Meeting 2017-02-07

Board Meeting Agenda

At 18:00

  • Mark, paypal payment
  • Financial report
  • Annual Meeting will be Tuesday March 28, 19:00 – 21:00
  • Web page at new site
  • Armand Sepulveda of Dycap Media Solutions dues as wifi from COX?

Normal Meeting Agenda

At 19:00

  • Vote on new members
  • Vote on new voting members
    • Daniel Smith nominates by Liza Kholodkova

Board Meeting Minutes

  • Mark V, payment by PayPal? Yes, must pay all (snacks & dues) plus last month to get back in good graces. ASR will talk with him.
  • ASR says is in dropbox
  • Eddie says $36 gain over the snacks replacement cost.
    • Will be note as revenue, donation
  • Armand’s COX prize is $200/month (or something) up to $2500
    • Board agreed on a 72 month membership for Armand
  • Money details vs. QuickBooks Online (Daniel Smith)
    • Five users in QuickBooks, can set some accounts that can access bank account, and some can just see the balance.
    • Is there a list of bills/expenses? all set up in autopay from the bank account., QuickBooks should be able to notice those as payments
    • ASR thinks adding adding the connection to QuickBooks will involve all the details from Bank management.
    • Rout & Liza are conflicted how the treasurer/QuickBooks conversation has been going over the last month and a bit.
      • Eddie, Rout, Daniel Smith, Crisman will be at downtown space at 18:00 on Thursday Feb 9 to talk about testing/work on QuickBooks
  • New web page at
    • Daniel Smith also go and will transfer it to Eddie’s GH account when he can.
    • First pass a application for membership form
    • Ultimate Member account plugin in use
    • Forum system in place, calendar in place
    • Plan for donation link
    • Plan for wish list
    • migrate by namsirc to
    • Want policies on what is public and private? Mostly will be solved as the user account are self added bits of data
    • Liza would like have analytics on web page
    • Please read page and submit bug and type reports.
  • Liza got a MailChimp account and would like to keep track of people coming in and email them as needed.
  • Frank would everyone to keep the bathrooms clean
    • We will stage the cleaning the supplies in the bathroom
    • Might get more people cleaning in response to what they see if cleaning supplies are at hand.
  • Chris Hoffman will do a laser cutting class late in Feb.

Normal Meeting Minutes

  • Voting members present:
  • No Quorum (0 of 11 (not 12 as one is on hiatus))
  • New members:
    • None to vote on
  • New voting members:
    • None to vote on
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