Meeting 2016-11-01

Board Meeting Agenda

At 18:00

  • Financial report
  • Containers for recyclable trash
  • Web site
  • Ins. form to get a quote

Normal Meeting Agenda

At 19:00

  • Vote on new members
    • None yet


  • Treasurer – no report this this month, not in the black this month, but close for monthly break even with 29 active members from last month.
  • Recycling content can be taken to – Leveda Brown, on Waldo just near Waste Transfer Station will take it. Frank will get a couple blue buckets from Lowe’s. Frank will take them to Leveda Brown weekly. Frank will make up a sign to request that the bottles/cans are cleaned in the sink before put in buckets.
  • Web site: Will use, dfc does DNS. Need to (Daniel & Eddie) talk with Ian about and possible new vhost hosting on his server. WordPress site, mostly static
    • Chis Hoffaman, Daniel Crisman, Allen Rout – subcommittee for website payments system.
    • Steal the flavor/style of the Tampa Hackerspace web page
    • Liza is mocking the web page content, Daniel Smith is making it pretty.
    • Member list, ask member for permission to put on web site. Liza wants have delay (six months?) before you get on the page. Tabled for now on what the limit for how soon you can get on the page.
    • Joseph “In time for dinner” Floyd will join and would like to be in subcommittee to set up the Member list. Granular control is a good idea (show public/no/member for each flavor of data item). Joseph says there is software for WordPress that does this. Chris Hoffmann on committee as well.
      • name/photo/email/emergency/bio/other/nickname
  • ASR will get data to Eddie to fill out form to get new quotes for Ins. policy D&O (Directors and Officers)
    • We need to get non-discrimination policy in place to get a lower price. Eddie will get us an boilerplate for that policy.
  • Physical Space reorganization. Daniel Smith has a plan. Liza wants to make it happen.
    • Major item for next month’s meeting.
    • What policy to get rid stuff/items
  • Voting members present:
  • No Quorum (0 of 11 (not 12 as one is on hiatus))
  • New members:
    • None to vote on
  • New voting members:
    • None to vote on
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