Meeting 2016-10-04

Board Meeting Agenda

At 18:00

  • Financial report & tax status
  • New insurance options (Eddie getting quotes)
  • Custodian service (Liza asking McGurn who they use, need quote). What would we want them to do?
    • Vacuum
    • Mop
    • Clean & resupply restrooms
    • Take out trash
  • Any new expenses this month?
    • Insurance
  • New way(s) to get a new member (other than voting that is bylaws)
  • What form for financial report

Normal Meeting Agenda

At 19:00

  • Vote on new members
    • Calvin Dinicolo
    • Daniel Smith


Requirements for membership

  • info
  • first and last payment
  • approval process (voting or others?)

~1000$ in balance We are up to date on taxes, we must pay $300+ dollar as last year’s taxes were late 23-25 members

$640 was paid last month on current insurance (year)

Eddie was trying to talk to Ins. people. Got policy, put in dropbox. Ins. person has not got back to Eddie yet. Will work on getting other quotes. need sqft, value of property, other data, will need help from other directors Liability DNO Directors, officers policy? Has some worksheets to fill out from his ins. company

Beck says Hands of Gainesville is non-profit LLC Did not get good results with personal ins. agent (local) Got $300 – $600 policy from Hiscox Beck will send info

Custodian Services, not at this time, no money Will get cleaning supplies

  • paper towels
  • bathroom paper towels
  • TP
  • bleach
  • Surface cleaner
  • garbage bags
  • AC filer 20x20x1 with wood adapter already in there (Frank says 20,22,1 too large)
  • hand soap
  • white board cleaner
  • white board markers

1. asr shows how to do all the gnucash tool chain 2. asr presents a pdf/report with all the required info

We would like

  • expenses for the month

Items for next meeting: list of repayment items that we might pay back if we have more money in the future

Financial Report items:

  • current members
  • members behind on payment
  • budget
  • delta to budget (how far off are we)

Rout will explain tres. process to Liza

Liza will present an example one page financials she would like to the board.

Eddie printed out an example donation receipt form. Still working on it, might need some Florida specific items. Eddie will report back later if changes are needed.

  • Voting members present: Daniel Crisman, Liza Kholdokova, Joe DiPietro, Frank Lowry, Allen Rout, Ian Taylor (by phone Liza), Jim Wilson, Eddie Reid, Chris Hoffman
  • Quorum Established (9 of 11 (not 12 as one is on hiatus))
  • New members:
    • Calvin Dinicolo
    • Daniel Smith
  • New voting members:
    • None to vote on
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