Meeting 2017-11-07

Daniel called to order at 5:59pm

Maker Faire was a success!

Space Update

  • Curio on the Drag
    • Eddie to call ask about space.

Talking Business Strategy

  • How do we keep up the growth we’ve been experiencing?
    • Daniel believes we should keep getting community groups to use the space as a meeting point.
  • Hackerspace is a place to meet experts, to learn from members who knows things.
  • Need to refine a crisp definition of the hackerspace, but its challenging because we are so flexible.
  • Trying to find what we should focus on for the next 6 months.

Membership Database

  • Chris exploring a prototype Google Sheet for everything membership
  • Masterlist of member information
  • One list, managed by 1 person.

30 Day Notice for Space

  • Received an email from Vicky on 11/7/2017 putting on 30 day notice.
  • Need to check if we have the lease, see if we have more than 30 days, talk to Ken McGurn about the lease.
  • Need to try and negotiate a low rent, ~$400
  • Ask members for other options.
  • Option 1:
    • Negotiate Rent
  • Option 2:
    • The space on 53rd
  • Option 3:
    • The Frank’s bay next to the current shop.
  • The plan is: Option 1.
  • Joe suggested a space on 6th and 26th, near the circuit city space.
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