Meeting 2014-02-04

How can we help?


  • Discuss topics to be brought up for the annual meeting


  • Finalize old Hackerspace (location near the church):
    • Church is willing to accept $3000
      • Board voted and agreed to pay the $3000

Topics for the Annual Meeting

  • Proposed Annual Meeting Date: Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 6:00 P.M.
  • Voting on Board Members:
    • President: Ian Taylor
    • Vice President: Christian von Kleist
    • Sergeant at Arms: Frank Lowry
    • Treasurer: Allen Route
    • Secretary: Christian Campbell
  • How to handle forgiving debts
  • Keep the hackerspace clean
    • Maid service?
    • Crack down on dirtiness
    • Naughty Closet
    • Gentle Reminders (posters, signs, etc.)
  • Lighting
    • Vote on budget
  • Vote on Daniel Crisman becoming a voting member
  • Frank’s receipts
  • Voting on Dues
  • Proposed revision of bylaws
    • Only virtual notices of meetings
Table of Contents