Meeting 2013-03-27 (Annual meeting)


  • The voting members shall:
    • Elect the Board of Directors
      • Candidate for President: Ian Taylor (incumbent, unopposed)
      • Candidate for Vice President: Christian von Kleist (incumbent, unopposed)
      • Candidates for Secretary: Devin Barham (unopposed)
      • Candidates for Treasurer: Clint Collins
      • Candidates for Sergeant-at-Arms: Frank Lowry (unopposed)
  • Discuss and vote on a new student membership rate
  • Receive reports on the activities of the corporation


  • Board Election Results
    • As all board members ran unopposed, all candidates were voted on in one vote
      • President: Ian Taylor
      • Vice President: Christian von Kleist
      • Secretary: Devin Barham
      • Treasurer: Clint Collins
      • Sergeant-at-Arms: Frank Lowry
  • New student membership rate
    • Suggested membership rates for students ranged from $15 to $35 per month
    • Compromise of $25 per month was voted on and approved
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