Member Privileges & Duties

We have three types of members.

Student Member – pays $25 a month

Regular Member – pays $35 a month

Voting members – can vote new members and important issues. 

Any regular member can become a voting member by being nominated by a voting member.●

  • 24/7 Access to the space
  • Use of all community tools and equipment (subject to training requirements)
  • Free or discounted access to all workshops and events (less material costs)
  • Free Internet access
  • Access to Members Only Forum areas




To remain a member in good standing, members must:

    • Abide by the bylaws and membership agreement
    • Pay monthly dues, on time and in full
    • Clean work area before leaving
    • Attend meetings regularly and participate actively
    • Supervise and escort any guests invited into the space
    • Be encouraged to vote at meetings
    •  Assist in other lab cleaning / maintenance duties
    •  Be excellent to each other