Board Members


Liza Kholodkova blends her degree in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineer with her skill as an artist to view and blur the lines between what is and what can be.  As a 2015 University of Florida graduate and the current president of the Gainesville Hackerspace this overlap has been most useful.  During her time on the board she has shifted the organization’s focus, seen the organization become a 501(c)3, and acted on unrealized potential as they increased membership by 20%. 

She has proven skillful at leading diverse groups.  Whether it be a newly minted nonprofit, project management & consulting, or pursuing her on business ventures, Liza’s ability to isolate issues and generate group buy-in for creative solutions makes her an asset to the Mini Maker Faire core planning team. 

Vice President

Eddie Reid: Electronic Engineering Consultant

With 30 years experience, 26 of them between Intel and IBM. I have worn many hats over those years, from manufacturing engineer to systems architect and most everything in between, including a short time as a marketing engineer. At times I have been responsible for all phases of product development, from initial concept, competitive analysis, system design, manufacturing, and customer marketing, as well as failure analysis and engineering changes. I have developed a number of products types like remote management systems, Personal Computers (PC), high end PC servers, and Solid State Disks (SSD). Chaired Special Interest Groups (SIG) for PCI Express, Disk Storage form factors, and Server networks.


Daniel Crisman is the awesome secretary of the Hackerspace.



Sergeant at Arms

I love the scent of burnt flesh in the morning. - Sgt Slaughter